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Mozart Timer


For the music lover in your life! (Who also spends time in the kitchen) Mozart Timer, $17.50

Mozart Timer 2017-11-30T01:29:42+00:00

Cool New Tea Infusers!


The monkey & robot tea infusers have adjustable arms that fit any size mug. Includes infuser tray that seres as a saucer when removed. ROBOT TEA INFUSER, $12 Monkey Tea Infuser, $12 Owl Infuser, $10

Cool New Tea Infusers! 2017-11-30T01:21:30+00:00

Cute Kitchen Timers


Cute & handy 60 minute timers bring fun and functionality into the kitchen. Cat Timer, $6 • Indigo Gifts Mouse Timer, $6 • Indigo Gifts Penguin Timer, $6 • Indigo Gifts

Cute Kitchen Timers 2017-11-30T01:01:03+00:00

Drunk Coasters!


Set of 6 glass coasters with silk screened definitions of different levels of inebriation, guaranteed to become funnier as the evening progresses. Drunk Coasters, $12 • Indigo Gifts  

Drunk Coasters! 2017-11-30T00:42:56+00:00