Chinese New Year: 紅包 hóngbāo


Handing out hóngbāo 紅包(“red envelop” in Mandarin) during the Lunar New Year is a Chinese tradition dating back to the Qin Dynasty (221 to 207 BC). According to legend, the practice started when the children of a rural village were being terrorized by an evil spirit at night. Answering the parents’ prayers, 8 fairies disguised [...]

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Chinese New Year Tea Service


Occurring on the first new moon of the year, Chinese (Lunar) New Year is the most important festival of the year in China and throughout much of Asia. Families gather together - causing what has been called the world's largest mass migration as millions upon millions of people travel home for the holiday - give [...]

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Mozart Timer


For the music lover in your life! (Who also spends time in the kitchen) Mozart Timer, $17.50 https://youtu.be/uZRqqI9w7Vg

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Cool New Tea Infusers!


The monkey & robot tea infusers have adjustable arms that fit any size mug. Includes infuser tray that seres as a saucer when removed. ROBOT TEA INFUSER, $12 Monkey Tea Infuser, $12 Owl Infuser, $10

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Cute Kitchen Timers


Cute & handy 60 minute timers bring fun and functionality into the kitchen. Cat Timer, $6 • Indigo Gifts Mouse Timer, $6 • Indigo Gifts Penguin Timer, $6 • Indigo Gifts

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Drunk Coasters!


Set of 6 glass coasters with silk screened definitions of different levels of inebriation, guaranteed to become funnier as the evening progresses. Drunk Coasters, $12 • Indigo Gifts  

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Modern Dwellers Chocolate


Indigo is now carrying a selection of chocolates from our Metro Mall neighbor, Modern Dwellers. Using high quality, organic ingredients, the chocolatiers at Modern Dwellers create gorgeous artisanal chocolate delights. Indigo is carrying their Meltaways, Toffee Nibs and a selection of their bars. Come in and try one - we'll find you the perfect tea [...]

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SUSHI & SAKE Set: Two plates, two sauce bowls, and a sake flask with a pair of sake cups. We found a couple of these fantastic Sake and Sushi Sets. They were tucked away in our old warehouse for a couple of years and are now discontinued by the manufacturer. If you enjoy eating Japanese [...]

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