Chinese New Year Tea Service

//Chinese New Year Tea Service

Occurring on the first new moon of the year, Chinese (Lunar) New Year is the most important festival of the year in China and throughout much of Asia. Families gather together – causing what has been called the world’s largest mass migration as millions upon millions of people travel home for the holiday – give their homes a thorough cleaning and pray to their ancestors. Most of China is shut down for the two week holiday. The most important part of the celebration is the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner at which special foods symbolizing prosperity, happiness, luck and long life are enjoyed with friends and family.

Indigo is excited to be offering a special tea service for the 2018 Chinese New Year between February 16th – 18th. We’ll be pairing delicious Chinese teas with a selection of delicacies typically eaten during the holiday period and offering diners insight into the holiday’s practices and traditions.